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Historical Records of the Movement in The World

Owner: Andri_Sofda

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: story, activities story, movement story, activist


This is where I write fiction - short stories about people from all walks of lives and their.. emotions, relationships, frustrations, etc.

Owner: shankha72113

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: kolkata, fiction, life, sector v


Collection of short-stories about things, and growing up in the 60s, and stuff.

Owner: lobocanyon

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: Fiction, zooseum


Online notebook of Rob Crompton, writer and storyteller.

Owner: Rivington

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: writing, novel, forest


A year-long writing experiment in Ray Bradbury's shadow...

Owner: mfowler76

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: Writing, Fiction, Flash, Ray Bradbury


Vintage writing advice from 1902. Articles on short-story plot, characterization, mood, style.

Owner: gsvaughan

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: writing, fiction, literature, editor, publishing


It`s about computing, drones and digital services. Short record of history how to build from scratch.. drones and how it can managed digitally using 4G/3G networks or other datalinks like radio modems.

Owner: mocart096

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: UAV, drones, LTE drones, DYI drones, GSM drones


Short stories for your one daily minute entertainment.

Owner: realityimagine

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: story, stories, fiction, scifi, writing


Surreal short stories, songs and poems that seek a publisher to produce them in book form.

Owner: PaulHassing

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: story, poem, song, fiction


In any story, it is considered necessary to have mainly six elements: 1. Storyline 2... Characters 3. Communication 4. Deshkal or environment 5. Purpose 6. Style


Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: stories, storywriting, writers, authors, publishing

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