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Baby Sign Language is a facinating way to enjoy parenting your 0-3 year olds and we are here to help.. you learn how to sign with your baby. Download a free baby sign language chart just by subscribing.. to our blog.

Owner: lbaade

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Other Tags: toddler, baby, baby development, language, baby sign language


A hard of hearing itinerant teacher writes about education, deaf and hard of hearing issues, and.. life with a hearing loss.

Owner: EhWhat_Huh

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Other Tags: deaf, hard of hearing, special education, hearing aids


Fighting autism at home, includes strategies to help your autistic child learn to talk, play, work,.. and interact with others, GFCF diet and recipes, sign language tips, and daily life snippets of our.. son's successes and struggles.

Owner: SaraJane

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: autism, GFCF, parents, home intervention

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