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Musings from a caffeine-fueled, slightly crunchy, Type-A mom of 2 boys with autism, sensory issues,.. and multiple food allergies.

Owner: CaffeinatedAutismMom

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Other Tags: autism, parenting, coffee


I have a 2 year old son who was recently diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. This is a blog about the.. ups and downs after the diagnosis.

Owner: Logansmomma

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Other Tags: Fragile X, autism, family, Logan


Writermom shares joys and sorrows of loving 3 beautiful boys with special needs

Owner: sjemama525

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: autism and love, parenting


My blog is dedicated to my son who has a sever speech delay and extensive food allergies. I write.. about parenting, public school, special needs, gluten free living.

Owner: CoaxingShea

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Other Tags: speech delay, food allegies, gluten free, wheat free


We've been blessed with a life we never would have chosen. Our youngest daughter struggles.. with numerous health issues including an undiagnosed genetic disorder and intractable epilepsy.

Owner: Angel_Crim_Brabham

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Other Tags: hypothalamic hamartoma, faith, God, epilepsy


I ramble on about anything and everything but mostly my family, because they are what's most.. important. Come in, take a pew and if you ask nicely you might even get a cuppa out of me. If.. it's cake you're after, then you won't be disapp

Owner: RaisieBay

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Other Tags: family, fun, autism, school


Adventures of the Rowe Family. Family includes 3 wacky kids (one with bilateral cochlear implants).. and two parents trying to keep their sense of humor (and sanity) along the road of life.

Owner: hibmom

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Other Tags: deafness, cochlear implants, homeschooling


My life in the Asperger lane. Chaz, my 10 year old was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 5 years.. old. It explained a lot but I have so much more to learn to help my son. Seeking answers and.. documenting my journey here.

Owner: amazingsix

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: autism, aspergers, adhd, family


The story of me... a working mother/wife, as told by the voices in my head.

Owner: Kimberly_Warren

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: working mom, family, ADHD, funny

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