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1. my-Gen


Hot new Aussie teenager drama about a group of suburban teens who come together to create an online.. magazine, whilst at the same time negotiating the rollercoaster emotions of adolesence.

Owner: myGen2011

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Other Tags: Youth, Drama, Sexuality, Issues


My blog is about my life as a young mother of 2 who are 10 1/2 months apart who is also a full time.. student. I had a child has a teenager. I want others to have someone to relate to. Whether teen.. parent, parenting, relationship, school,etc

Owner: Jessika

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Other Tags: young, baby, life, school


Get exclusive womens plus sizes fashion info and beauty tips from all over the globe. Moda pinks is.. given all info you want to know about fashion. You can search here like: plus size swimsuits, summer.. beauty tips, teenage beauty tips.

Owner: Moda_Pinks

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Other Tags: womens plus sizes, summer beauty tips, teenage beauty tips, online fashion mens, plus size swimsuits


Blog about being a teenager, my adventures and opinions on life as a whole living as a teen in this.. society. Free advice available on everything. I hope that I will help you get the advice you need... xxJen

Owner: teenswayoflife

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Other Tags: way of life, teens, inspiration, self-development


Types of specialists, doctors, lawyers, artists, merchants, beggars, thieves, talent, tendency,.. tendencies, abilities, occupation, race parents

Owner: halilintar

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Other Tags: Types of specialists, doctors, lawyers, artists, merchants, beggars, thieve, tendencies, abilities, occupation,


The trial and tribulations of a university student in the UK.

Owner: John_Richardson

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Other Tags: Teenager, Rants, Life, University, Lifestyle


Welcome to the internet home of Bridget Chase. Follow the crazy life of an international, on-the-go.. teenager.

Owner: pockymouse

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Other Tags: teenager, international, ups-and-downs, crazy, random


My life changed drastically September 18th, 2009 when I gave birth to my lil baby girl after I had.. just turned 16.. I don't know who will be reading this..It'll probably be more for my sake of just getting.. everything out.

Owner: lovely918

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Other Tags: teenage mom, parenting, highschool, sixteen


A person can fall in love at any age, because there is no age for love. In the teenage there is no.. limit for wish and we have no control on our mind, but we should focus on our study and career in.. this age

Owner: bestastro56

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Other Tags: Teenage Love Problems And Relations, Teenage Love Problems And Solutions, Teenage Love Problems Tips, Teenage Love Life Problems


Love is a feeling that can be felt by two lovers of any age. In love the age does not matter, but.. the age in love does matter. http://www.discoveryofunknown.com/teenage-love-good-or-bad/

Owner: priyaagrawal

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Other Tags: Teenage Love Affair Problems, Teenage Problems About Love, Teenage Love Depression, Teenage Love Horoscopes Compatibili

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