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free download article, movies, and read the news, mistery, humor, hoax, history, short story sharing.. our experience and our mind

Owner: adscienceblog

Listed in: Science

Other Tags: sains, entertainment, news, sharing

2. Orbid


Blog about normal teenager, who is interesting in photography, traveling and handmade. I write about.. my daily life, travels, hobbies, fashion and thoughts.

Owner: qdrawczuk

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: fashion, travels, photography, handmade


I'm a mom of 5, ages 18 months to 25 years. We are always in the middle of home renos. Love.. vintage shopping.

Owner: youwannawhat

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: vintage, home renovations, baby, dog


My blog is simply my comments and views on various aspects of life. I do not believe my opinions.. matter, that would lead to an entirely boring blog, but I do believe that expression is important... Instigate debate.

Owner: Michael2764

Listed in: Academics

Other Tags: Philosophy, Politics, Perspective, Teen


A blog about my life as a teenager and the way that I see the world from where I'm standing.

Owner: Martin_Smail

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Teen, Lifestyle, Funny, Philosophical


Tatoru Yuki aka Turtle Yuki rants on and on about her daily life on this newly established blog of.. hers.

Owner: nicki123tw

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Tatoru Yuki, Daily Rantings, Blogger, Turtle Yuki-san


411 4 Parents is a place to share stories of what happens in our lives everyday with our kids and in.. our families. We share with you in hopes that you'll share too.

Owner: chesapeakefinds

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: motherhood, family, child, humor


a simple blog from indonesian teenager

Owner: Fata_Hanifa

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Indonesia, Social Problems, Friends


A fantastic blog to get inspo and advice on how to tackle any item of clothing. Ranging from.. tailored styles to streetwear, this blog is for everyone.

Owner: Goudgee

Listed in: Fashion

Other Tags: Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Trends


I am just a growing teenager who still exploring the world~ i think a tofu can describe my.. personality because i am very soft-hearted person. easily feel sad in real life. i just can express.. myself through blogging everyday.

Owner: Lonelly_Reload

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: Diary, A Growing Teenager, Lonely, Sad

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