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Rants from a grumpy sociologist. Focus on understanding different forms of violence and masculinity.

Owner: MMAcademics

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Other Tags: masculinity, gender


Musings about religion, both ancient and modern.

Owner: stevewiggins

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Other Tags: religion, culture, Bible, books, education


Social violence is seldom random. It has an underlying structure declared the sociology professor... "Understanding of that structure is important if you want to counter it in day to day.. life'

Owner: arnoldclark

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Other Tags: World Problems, Education & Innovat, Sva-Haa, Science & Philosophy


New resources, thoughts and energizing with a strong focus on areas of counselling, violence.. prevention and education programs.

Owner: Enoughisenough2009

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Other Tags: violence prevetion, road trauma support, grief, bullying in schools, anti bullying strategies


Just because you win the championship does not give the teams fans the right to destroy property... What fun is that? What kind of sick celebration is that?

Owner: mccloudpra

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Other Tags: Sportsmanship, Stanley Cup, Detroit, NCAA


corruption Police law courts police violence poverty art mixed mash up justice judges courts law

Owner: animal69

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Other Tags: police,law,corruption, judge ex officer, filth, poverty


Engaging Peace promotes the possibility of peace, presents examples of nonviolent conflict.. resolution and helps readers find useful tools and important resources to support their own efforts.. to seek and promote peace.

Owner: djgma

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Other Tags: peace, aggression, moral, torture


Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking (DVSAS) effects the workplace more than we know... Domestic violence in all its many forms spills over to the workplace.

Owner: Traininng LLC

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Other Tags: Overcome Towards Domestic Violence


New and currently held opinions on a wide range of topics, including Current Events, Popular.. Culture, Politics, Law, and more.

Owner: willyto1

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Other Tags: opinion, law, freedoms, parenting


An explanation for Liberal Behavior

Owner: samiam60

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Liberalism, Politics, Hate, Socialism

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