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  • More EBay news
    on Dec 18, 2008
    In October, eBay enforced limits on shipping and handling charges for what eBay calls its most competitive categories: Media - Books, DVDs & Movies, Music and Video Games. Sellers listing these items, after the limits go into effect, will be requ.
  • More about eBay DSR-3
    on Dec 17, 2008
    In the last post I had discussed about a minimum DSR level of 4.3. So the question arises “What Sellers Can Do If Their Level Drops Below 4.3” Sellers who do not meet the minimum required DSR will be blocked from listing on, eBay Motor...
  • More about eBay DSR-2
    on Dec 16, 2008
    DSR is an area that has many sellers worried about how frequently their items will be seen in Best Match searches and how they will be viewed by a prospective buyer. A seller's DSR is made up of ratings in four areas; item as described, communication
  • More about eBay DSR
    on Dec 16, 2008
    DSR is an area that has many sellers worried about how frequently their items will be seen in Best Match searches and how they will be viewed by a prospective buyer. A seller's DSR is made up of ratings in four areas; item as described, communication
  • Detailed Seller Ratings at eBay
    on Dec 14, 2008
    In early 2007, eBay introduced a new twist to the feedback system called Feedback 2.0. As part of Feedback 2.0, eBay introduced Detailed Seller Ratings – four new ‘Criteria' that buyers can anonymously rate sellers on. The Criteria include: I
  • The use of Checks and Money Orders on eBay
    on Dec 13, 2008
    EBay says that checks and money orders will no longer be accepted on eBay after this fall. The company's reasoning: it says that check or money orders are 80 percent more likely to result in an "item not received" (INR) than those paid with
  • Shipping Limits Introduced in Media Category
    on Dec 12, 2008
    Again, eBay is blowing the free shipping horn by offering free shipping incentives in all categories, plus introducing new shipping charge limits in the Media category. Shipping costs are seen as a problem for many buyers, and eBay has been getting t...
  • A summary of annual updates at eBay
    on Dec 11, 2008
    This year EBay announced new fixed-price listing fees, new media shipping charge limits and gets tougher with new DSR minimums. Plus, the auction giant plans to cut paper payments and enable merchant accounts for direct payments in a new checkout sys...
  • Some more e-commerce sites-4
    on Dec 10, 2008
    Continuing from the previous post, I shall discuss here more about E-junkie in this one. If your business offers non-digital goods, you can set the quantity and time limit for any product that you promote, which is a great for selling goods such as...
  • Some more e-commerce sites-3
    on Dec 9, 2008
    Carrying on from where the previous post left, when customers visit your site, they'll see E-junkie's "Buy Now" and "Cart" buttons and can click on them to purchase items. And after making a sale, E-junkie conveniently accept
  • Some more e-commerce sites-2
    on Dec 8, 2008
    There is another site called E-junkie which offers powerful capability to quickly create and integrate sales features into a Web site. The service is particularly good for selling downloadable products such as software and MP3 and video files. And wh...
  • Some more e-commerce sites
    on Dec 7, 2008
    There is another site called as PayLoadz which provides means to market and sell downloadable products such as music, software, e-books and other files. PayLoadz offers an easy and powerful e-commerce service. It also manages the transactions through...
  • More Places To Sell Digital Goods
    on Dec 6, 2008
    If you have a skill of your own which you can teach to others through the digital media, there's a place for you to show off — and sell — your stuff called as Zipidee, looking to provide the storefront and tools to allow you to publish, protect,.
  • More about selling digital goods
    on Dec 1, 2008
    If you want a fast and secure option of a service for handling electronic payments and secure digital product delivery and have the space to host your own files, ByteCommerce is the answer for you. Once you have your files online you can then use thi...
  • on Nov 30, 2008
    There are some online websites that allow you to sell digital goods online. One of them is Tradebit which offers merchants and publishers an eShop for selling their digital goods. The service is favoring its Publisher's account, which is tailored to.
  • Selling digital goods online
    on Nov 29, 2008
    When selling digital goods online, most merchants tend to invest as much time and effort as those selling physical goods, but normally the overhead and start-up costs are significantly less, which is why e-goods are such a popular choice for auction-...
  • E-Commerce Site Checklist
    on Nov 28, 2008
    If you have the opportunity to set up an E-commerce site the following outline could be used for setting it up:Create an Online Plan Assess the opportunity and check out the competition Define vision and metrics of success Figure out the cost of doin...
  • More about drop shipping-7
    on Nov 27, 2008
    The "Secret" of Drop-Shipping SuccessLaunching an online store that uses drop-shipping to fulfill orders is comparatively easy. Hire a Web designer to build a site, post some photos and product descriptions from wholesalers, and — like magic
  • More about drop shipping-6
    on Nov 26, 2008
    Detecting FraudIt's not often talked about in e-commerce but it's a huge problem: fraud. Unlike the face-to-face transactions in commercial storefronts (which also deal with credit card fraud), online transactions take place between two parties
  • More about drop shippers-5
    on Nov 25, 2008
    Tight MarginsIt's inexpensive to get started with drop-shipping. Some companies charge its retailers a monthly subscription fee, ranging from $30 to about $70, depending on the services required. But working with a drop-shipper is not a path to easy.